The ELKOR® company was founded in 1989. Today ELKOR® has established itself as one of the largest companies in Latvia best known for its leading full line department stores, but it also continues to grow and expand its e-commerce business and widen its business scope beyond the Latvian market.

At ELKOR® we provide a broad spectrum of business services from retail to wholesale, to distribution, to e-commerce and customer services.

ELKOR® runs multiple full line department stores with a comprehensive range of product assortment in virtually all product categories that include apparel, fashion merchandise and accessories, footwear, electronics, home appliances, home textile, household goods, furniture, sporting, tourism, leisure goods, toys and other children’s goods, and selected food and beverages.

The expertise of the professional team at ELKOR®, coupled with its strong and established relationships with luxury brands, has enabled our company to build a reputation that is synonymous with high quality. We aspire to be a leading online B2B and B2C platform and to deliver sustainable long-term growth for our company as well as our partners by offering our customers an unrivaled range of leading brands and by maximizing the efficiency, capacity, and effectiveness of our operations to deliver this experience