Try one Braun or Oral-B products* and if for any reason it does not meet your expectations, we offer money back guarantee within 100 days from the date of purchase.

Terms & conditions
Organizer of the campaign - AbeStock AS.
Buyer - an individual who has purchased at least one of the Braun or Oral-B products referred to in Clause 1.

1. Braun and Oral-B promotional products *:

  • Braun electric shavers: 9477cc, 9467cc, 9465cc, 9417s, 9415s, 9410s, 8417s, 51-1000s, 51-1200, 51-1500s, 51-1600s, 51-4500cs, 51-4650cs, 61-1000s, 61-1200s, 61-1500s, 61-4500cs, 61-7650cc, 71-1000s, 71-4200cs, 71-7200cc, 50-1000s, 50-1200s, 50-1500s, 50-1600s, 50-1620s, 50-4500cs, 50-4650cs, 60-1000s, 60-1200s, 60-1500s, 60-4500cs, 70-1000s, 70-4200cs, 70-7200cc.
  • Braun trimmers: MGK7321, MGK7320, MGK7330, MGK5380, MGK5360, MGK5345, BT7340, BT7330, BT7320, BT5360, BT5365, BT5340, BT5342, MGK7221, MGK7220, MGK5280, MGK5260, MGK5245, BT7240, BT7220, BT5260, BT5265, BT5240, BT5242.
  • Braun epilators: SES9002, SES9010, SES9020, SES9030, SES9300, SES9001, SES9720, SES9710, SES9700, SES9980, SES9890, SES9880, SES9995BS, SES9985BS, SES5820, SES5810, SES5620, SES5610, SES5500, SE5505P, SE5825P.
  • Braun IPL: PL5387, PL5243, PL5257, PL5157, PL5147, PL5145, PL5154, PL5054, PL5347, PL5137, PL5117, PL5124, PL5014, PL3221, PL3233, PL3133, PL3121, PL3020, PL1014, PL1124, PL1000, PL5237, PL5223, PL5129, PL5139, PL5115, PL3132, PL3011.
  • Braun Face: SE911, SE912, SE810, SE851v;
  • Oral-B electric toothbrushes: PRO1 - 900, 790, 750; Vitality – PRO, 100, 150; AquaCare 4, AquaCare Pro Expert 6; iO Series – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; PRO3 - 3500, 3900; Pulsonic 2000, 4500.

2. Items purchased in the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia between 01.01.2023 and 30.06.2023 can be returned within 100 days from the moment of purchase to AbeStock AS, Mustjuure 9, Tallinn, 10618, Estonia, tel. . +372 650 5555 (weekdays 9am - 5pm), email [email protected].

3. In case of post service or other transport company returning the purchase, the date of submission of the application for participation in the promotion is the date of dispatch of the postal item approved by the post office or transport company.

4. Returned item must be in original retail packaging, without defects, and include any supplements (gifts, prizes, coupons, etc.) added at the time of purchase.

5. The following must be presented with the returned item:
• the original document confirming the purchase and specifying the model and value of the item;
• Completed coupon for participating in the Satisfaction Guaranteed campaign.

6. The value of the item to be returned shall be paid in the amount specified in the submitted receipt. The money will be credited to the bank account indicated in the coupon within 30 days from the moment of receipt of the product at the organizer.

7. Only private persons who have purchased Braun or Oral-B product * for personal use can participate in the promotion. The organizer does not buy the goods from persons who have purchased them for further resale. One shopper can participate in the promotion only once and return only one product. If the shopper has participated in any previous "Money Back Guarantee" promotion for Braun or Oral-B and already returned the product in frames of this campaign, no other returns of Braun or Oral-B will be accepted by the organizer. Only one item can be returned from one address and/or household. If a product has been previously returned from one address, the organizer may not return the next product to another person's name at the same address.

8. If condition of returned item and / or attached documents do not meet the above terms, the organizer of campaign will inform shopper within 5 working days of receipt of the shipment of the impossibility of product return and money transfer. It is the responsibility of the shopper to collect the item within 60 days of dispatch at its own expense. After the expiration, the organizer of campaign may dispose of the product at its own discretion and the buyer has no further objections to the organizer of the promotion.

9. If the address or contact information on the coupon is not clear and you cannot be contacted, the Promoter shall keep the shipment for 60 (sixty) calendar days from the date of shipment, pending the sender's request. After the expiration, the organizer of the promotion may dispose of the shipment at its own discretion and the buyer has no further objections to the organizer of the promotion.

10. The liability for lost or delayed postal items due to postal fault and for incomplete or ambiguous information shall lie with the sender. The postal receipt notice is not a receipt document received by the promoter.

11. All goods received during the Promotion by the Promoter of the Promotion shall become its property upon receipt.

12. Claims for reimbursement of the value of the goods under the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" promotion can be submitted in writing until 15.10.2023 AbeStock AS, Mustjuure 9, Tallinn, 10618 Estonia.

13. The time limit for the settlement of claims shall be 30 days from the date of receipt by the organizer of campaign, but not later than 30.11.2023.

14. The terms of campaign are without prejudice to the statutory consumer rights.