Holm Bank is a family bank that provides loans, accepts deposits, and takes a personal approach to communication. Our name is inspired by the name for small islands in Estonia’s western archipelago. We have been in operation in Haapsalu for 24 years and know that even small can become big.

We help make tomorrow’s planned purchases happen today and grow your assets safely, offering the best return possible. We operate efficiently and take an understanding attitude toward your needs, whether the financial weather is fair or foul. We’re professional in our activity and keep things warm and personal.


The financial service is provided by Holm Bank AS. Every loan is a financial obligation. Consider your decision carefully – review the terms and conditions of the loan contract and consult an expert, if necessary.

The percentage rate of charge is 0% under the following sample conditions: the cost of the goods/services is €300, the contract term is 3 months, the annual fixed interest rate is 0% of the loan amount, the contractual fee is €0, the credit amount is €300, the total amount of payments is €300, and the amount of repayments is €300.