Стол со стульями EVELEKT MALDIVE table, 6 foldable chairs

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Dining set MALDIVE table, 6 foldable chairs. Dining set MALDIVE table and 6 chairs. The dimensions of the table are 220x100xH75cm. The table is made of carefully selected mature teak wood. The finely sanded surface of the wood is completely natural. Due to the high content of natural oils, teak is very resistant to moisture and wood pests and does not require additional treatment. The overall dimensions of the chair are 60x70xH110cm, seat width 48cm, seat depth 46cm, seat height 45cm, backrest height 70cm, armrest height from the ground 66cm. Weight limit 120kg. The frame of the chair is made of teak wood. All wooden parts are finely sanded. The seat and backrest are made of white batyline. The most important feature of the batyline material is its flexibility and optimal sitting comfort. In addition to exceptional mechanical strength, the material has high chemical resistance. The synthetic coating guarantees an extremely high weather and UV-resistance. The fact that no moisture is absorbed, results in rapid drying, maximum stain and mould-resistance and simple cleaning. To adjust the backrest, raise the armrests, select the appropriate backrest position, and lock the armrests. It is possible to choose between 6 different positions. Teak wood tolerates various weather conditions very well and retains its excellent appearance and best properties for many years. The more mature the wood, the higher its density and oil content, and the more durable and stable it is to weather conditions. Under the influence of sunlight and moisture, the surface of the wood turns beautifully silver-gray over time. This color change is natural and does not affect the quality of the wood. MAINTENANCE: clean the furniture regularly, protect it from excessive moisture and UV radiation. To refresh the wooden surfaces, they can be lightly sanded if desired. To prolong the lifespan of outdoor furniture, we recommend the use of outdoor furniture covers. STORAGE: at the end of the summer season, we recommend storing the garden furniture indoors. Clean and dry the furniture before storing. Use a cool, dry, well-ventilated room for storage..

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Стол со стульями EVELEKT MALDIVE table, 6 foldable chairs |
4 379.99
Наличие: 2 шт
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